I Survived the First Full Day of High School

I survived the first full day. Yesterday wasn’t too bad because we left at noon but today was way too long. I feel like dying inside but I am still breathing. It was the longest day of my life, and some how seemed to get longer after I got a blister. I leave my house at 7:30am for the bus and I got home at 6:15pm. School is absolute torture. This morning I had History for 3 hours, in which the teacher read and you had to write everything down. That was a huge problem, seeing as though they talk fast, and I don’t know how to spell everything. I then had a 2 hour and 20 minute lunch. It was just a waste of my time. Everyone here eats at the cafeteria and there are two options. If you don’t like it, oh well. Today was chicken and green beans. We all know how much I love green food. But I was so hungry that I ate some of them anyways and they weren’t too bad. The girls in my class said that today was a good day for food, meanwhile I’m thinking, how on earth does it get worse then this? After lunch was finished I had Spanish, English and Gym. My favourite class is English because I can actually understand what they are talking about. My schedule is different everyday, which can be confusing. I only go to school for half of the day on Wednesday’s and Friday’s but I have to stay at school on Friday’s until the bus comes which isn’t until 5:40pm.

I am excited for the weekend, and sleep.

Tomorrow I am going to a Rotary meeting in Sezanne and I’m excited to see the Rotary club again! I am also super excited because today I found out that I will be meeting with the other exchange students on the 27-28 of September in Sezanne! It will be nice to make new friends who can understand what you are going through!

I miss home very much, and miss Canadian High School. I never thought I would actually say that. But it’s true. Making friends is hard because I can’t have their level of conversation yet. Everything is just so different here and I’m still not used to it all. 

Here are some new pictures of my adventures!

First Day of School

4 thoughts on “I Survived the First Full Day of High School

  1. My goodness YOU ate green beans and are still alive to tell about it, did you even break out in a rash? I’m sure that you’ll get more comfortable as time goes by, look how fast you adjusted to your first week. Every week you’ll experience something new so you’ll just have to learn to relax and enjoy. It kind of sucks that the buses are so few and far between you’ll just have to find a nice little cafe close by (with free WiFi) and hang out there. Rotary club sounds fun and that’s awesome that you’ll finally be meeting some other kids. School might be a little tough but I’m sure you’ll catch on quick enough and on the plus side think of how you’re going to ace that English course. Have a great weekend princess and keep the blogs coming. I laughed all the way through this one. Love you tons ❌😊❌ (that’s a kiss on both cheeks) LOL❤️

  2. There are 100s of students who can’t wait to be your friend. Keep thinking good thoughts and quit eating green food.
    Uncle Ken

  3. Lol @ Uncle Ken….Libbey don’t pay any attention to him, be sure to eat your veggies!!

    You can forget the question I asked in your blog of Disney of just how long is your school day….I clearly missed this one, but am now up to speed! Maybe you can introduce siestas to the francais gang?? Mix the cultures a bit??

    Three hours of History?? Holy smokes, technically you’re making history while you’re taking History!!

    Do you have time for after school activities? No doubt easier to make connections outside of class. Before you know it, your day will be “normal” again to you. The more familiar you are, the easier it will become, so keep a positive attitude!!

    As far as the “level of conversation”, lol….when in doubt, just smile and nod, it’s universally accepted!! Mind you with how fast the conversation tends to be, you’ll have to speed up the nodding process!!

    Love you! Xoxo

    Aunt Karen and Uncle Doug 🙂

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