My First Sip of Champagne

Yesterday I attended my first Rotary meeting, which was held at the Aero Club of Sezanne. I went into two different small airplanes, and took amazing pictures of my town and of Sezanne. I met all of the members of the Sezanne Rotary Club, who are all very nice. They are all very impressed by my French, and said that it is really good. I have a different opinion about that though. I met my next host family and their daughter who is 10, and I am looking forward to living with them. Before dinner some Rotary members asked if I had tried the Champagne yet and before I could even say no, I had a glass in my hand. When I sipped it, I felt like spitting it out but,I did not and I made a face in which everyone laughed. It burned my throat. The Rotary meeting was very long, it started at around 5:45 and ended at 11pm. Next week I will be attending another meeting and will give a short speech about myself. 

Tomorrow I am going to Paris with my host family. I am very excited to finally see it. Next weekend I am going to stay with a Rotary member because my host parents are going on a bus trip to Northern France. Saturday evening Willy will be picking me up and then on Sunday morning we will be going to Euro Disney for the day.

I have a very busy week ahead of me and I hope that it goes by fast. I am still jet-legged and do not fall asleep until very late and I wake up very early with only a few hours of sleep. I hope that my schedule returns to normal before I start school on Wednesday.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday while flying.

Sunset in Sezanne
Sunset in Sezanne


Host Sister Roro
Host Sister Roro

I hope that you all have an amazing day. Love,


11 thoughts on “My First Sip of Champagne

  1. I am happy to hear that all is adjusting well. I give you credit to go up in a small plane. Would love to but this female is scared to death of heights. Lol. You are amazing to be able to adjust so easily. Jet lag is horrible and everyone is different but a couple of days should work and you be in there schedule. Loving all the posts from you and your adventure Hugs and much love Chelle

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  2. My goodness it sounds like you’re living the life of the rich and famous, private airplane rides, champagne (shut the heck up),Euro Disney, and touring Paris WOW. Lucky, lucky you. I’m glad everyone thinks your French is good it won’t be long until you’re considered completely bilingual how cool is that. The jet lag will soon disappear, funny how that can knock your socks off for a few days. Enjoy your weekend. Love you tons ❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️❤️

  3. Sounds as though everyday is a new adventure!!! Enjoy!!!! Really anxious to hear what you think of Paris….how exciting!!!!!
    Love Gram Pat xoxoxoxo

  4. Enjoy every day Kid, I have a feeling in 1 year you will be missing France as much as you now miss home.
    Love Uncle Ken.

  5. Libbey Dresser ❤ i miss you girl; but your experiences you're facing in France are awesome! I hope you enjoy every minute of it and don't forget to open the envelopes from Tesa and I when necessary 🙂 Love you girll ❤ xoxo

  6. That is awesome dont forget to try the quiche just kidding enjoy paris. I am sure u r going to love it…… say hi to mickey mouse for us……

  7. Before you leave you will probably be drinking wine and champagne like a pro. Glad you are having fun though. 🙂

  8. Sounds fantastic, Libbey! You’re going to fall in love with Paris!! When I was there with Uncle Doug, we took the Eiffel Towel stairs as far as you could…lol, if you’re into pain then that’s the route to go! Love your pictures and the commentary! ♡

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