More Comfortable

I am a little more comfortable now after being here for a few days. It is still weird not having anyone around, to say I love you when I go to bed, or to yell at me for doing something wrong. I miss home very much and hope that this exchange goes by quick so that I can be at home again.

Yesterday I went to a city called Troyes, which is about an hour away from where I am living. We went to help Willy (my host brother) unpack his apartment for university. While in Troyes we walked around, going to the little shops. There were cafe’s everywhere, which made it feel very French. Troyes is a very old French town and is primarily made out of wood. It is a very beautiful town. Here are a few of the pictures that I took yesterday.

Town Hall of Troyes


Today I walked around the town of Esternay, looking in the little shops and at the bakery. On Monday I will be picking up my books for school, which stars on Wednesday. I am excited so that I have something to do during the day, to keep my mind off of home. I am disappointed that there will be no other exchange students at my school. I hope that I make many friends, so that I can have people to talk to and hang out with. 

Tonight myself and my host family will be attending a Rotary meeting, where I will meet my next host family! I hope that the next few weeks go by very fast as they are supposed to be the worst!

I will talk soon. Love always,


9 thoughts on “More Comfortable

  1. Libbey. I can feel the excitement in your voice. I know your mom and dad and family are sending virtual hugs to you many times throughout the day and night. You can add mine to the list. I am so proud of you for taking this opportunity to not only experience a new country and culture but also to grow. Just remember when things seem overwhelming take a minute and breathe. Let it out slowly and while doing so remember we have confidence in you -you can do this. We are all with you in this. We only wish we could be there to experience this adventure ourselves. Keep writing so we can live it through you.
    About making friends. You will have no trouble, Libbey. Just be yourself and let others see the light.

  2. Hey love I’m so happy to hear you are adjusting. Just k now you are loved by many You have an I love you every night from me and a hug to go with it. Just close your eyes and feel the squeeze and soft touch Thanks for the emails it makes me feel that I am right there with you every step So so excited for you

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. What a wonderful adventure you have begun, you have already accomplished so much for 16 years. In no time you will have new friends and a full schedule of things to do, enjoy every experience along your journey although it may seem long once it gets started it will all go so quickly. Love you very much Aunt Lisa Uncle Jason & Thomas. XOXO

  4. Love your pictures…like you say…it look very French. School starting will be exciting and you will make friends quickly! How long are you with this host family before you move on to the next? Really look forward to your postings…keep them coming!
    Love Grandma Pat xoxxoxoxoxox

  5. I know you can’t hear “I love you” but, you can read this everyday.
    I LOVE YOU Miss Libbey.

    Aunt Debbie

  6. dear libbey whom we LOVE<LOVE<LOVE so much ,we are glad you are starting school on wednesday as you will be with other kids just be your sweet beautiful self and they will have no choice but to fall in love with you to we niss you and love you to be careful and have fun grandpa & grandma brunell xxxooo

  7. It is awesome seeing all your pictures !!! It looks wonderful. It will be great to get started at school. You will make friends quickly cause you are a fantastic and fun young lady !!! Have fun sweetie. Xoxoxo

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