Two Stressed Out Blonde Chicks

Well I’m stressed. Yesterday I went to the French Consulate in Toronto for my Visa Interview. The interview turned out to be me getting my fingerprints taken and them telling me that my Visa will take up to 10 business days to arrive. 10 business days would be the 25th of August. The 25th of August is the day I leave!!!! So that is a major problem. 

Packing a years worth of clothing into one suitcase may be no problem, but for me it is nearly impossible. I can only pack a limited number of everything including shoes. 

I still have a ton of thing to do before I leave like hanging out with friends, shopping for last minute things, and saying goodbye to family. Once everything is done and I am on a plane to Paris I will be stress free and excited to start my new adventure.

Love you all,


p.s: I am not even the most stressed person in the family 😉

5 thoughts on “Two Stressed Out Blonde Chicks

  1. It’s all going to work out. As for packing shoes one dress, one casual, one flip flop that should cover all occasions. Have a great time we will miss you and hopefully Skype soon. Aunt Lisa XOXO

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