Only 58 Days To Go!


I am getting very excited about my exchange as I will be leaving very very soon. I will be living in Northern France also known as the Champagne (Wine) district. I will soon be going to a Rotary conference, where I will learn more about what to expect when I start living in a new country without my parents. I will have to learn the French language very quickly so that I can communicate with people at school and my host family. I am excited for this experience as it will be something I will never forget. I know it may be hard at times but it will be life changing and I cannot wait to see what the world is going to throw at me!

2 thoughts on “Only 58 Days To Go!

  1. bonjour libby! c’est tellement formidable que tu iras en france pour une année entier! Je suis très jalouse. Sais-tu quelle departement dans le nord que tu vas habiter? Le nord est beau, mais quelque fois froid et pluvieux. Mais, c’est peut-être seulement la region dans lequel je restais. Le même, j’espere que tu apprécies ton voyage!

    – Hannah

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